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Dedicated to teaching everyone, regardless of age and ability, how to be safe and have fun in the water!


Private Lessons

These lessons can be 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes of one on one instruction. All students start in private lessons and the time given will depend on age and skills!



Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Semi-Private lessons are 2 kids in one 30 minute lesson. These lessons are great for kids who like a little competition or for kids who are a little nervous and will benefit from seeing someone else do it first. We start all of our students in private lessons first so we can get to know their personalities and abilities better. Once we know them better we can find their perfect match! Its important to us to have both kids getting the most out of each lesson!  

Semi-Private lessons can be 20, 25, 30, or 45 minutes long depending on students ages and skills.



Get your little one comfortable in the pool while having fun with other littles and their parents! Through songs and games, you and your child will learn to be comfortable and safe in the pool. This class is a great first step for your little one to get used to our facility and teachers and makes the transition to private lessons way easier on everyone!

8 Babies per class

To be added to our waitlist for this class please fill out the form below:

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