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We currently have a wait list for all private and semi-private lessons. Our list is about 9months-1 year out at this time.
Level Classifications:
Beginners: New to swimming, no real skill, unable to save themselves if they were to fall in.
Advanced Beginners: Some experience in lessons, has been working on rolling over to breathe but hasn't completely mastered that skill yet. Not afraid of going under.
Intermediate: Has mastered rolling over to breathe. Is working on scooping arms.
Advanced: Knows basic freestyle (with or without side breathing), knows basic backstroke, and knows basic breaststroke.
Swim Team Prep: Knows all 4 strokes, working on building up endurance, and ready to work on the small technical aspects of each stroke.

Membership Fee

Each family will be required to pay a $75 yearly membership fee. This fee will be assessed per family. The membership fee will be required in order to swim at the Greenwood location. 

Membership includes:

-Access to our facility for swim lessons

-Towel service

-Discount on School Break Camps

-Discount on Birthday Party Packages

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