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Private and Semi-Private Lessons are ongoing, you buy 4 at a time but your spot in the program is yours until your child has mastered this life saving skill! The length of your child's lesson will be determined by their instructor. It will be based upon the students age, skill, and learning style.

Private lesson: sold in packs of 4

30 Minutes=$184

25 Minutes=$156

20 minutes=$128

15 minutes=$96

10 minutes= $72

Semi-private lesson: sold in packs of 4(per child)

30 minutes=$144

25 minutes=$124

20 minutes=$100


Water babies:
Varies per session

Swim Team:
Varies per session- please contact for any swim team questions!

**Military, Firefighters, Paramedics as a thank you for all you do to keep us safe Seahorse Academy is proud to offer 20% off any package of lessons or any class. Police officers have their own discount of 5% off any package of lessons or any classes.**

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